In The Community

Our Executive Director for The Arc of Wilson County, is always looking for opportunities to speak about The Arc and its programs in the community. He is on a mission to help make The Arc more prevalent in the community and to increase family support systems for those with I/DD. He speaks at many service organizations throughout the year and hopes to continue his relationship with these wonderful organizations.

Our director also helps find volunteers for The Knights of Columbus' Operation LAMB which raises funds in Wilson County to go to organizations like The Arc and Special Olympics of Wilson that serve those with I/DD.  He also serves as a surrogate parent for the Wilson County School System for children with I/DD who are in foster or state care. Every child with I/DD has his or her own individualized education program (IEP) that ensures the delivery of special education supports and services for the student with a disability.

The executive director graduated from Barton College with degrees in Special Education and Elementary education in 2011 and graduated from Wilson Community College's Interpreter Education Program for American Sign Language in the spring of 2017. Some of our clients or their family members may be deaf and the board of directors decided to allow him to use this program as professional development of sign language interpreting skills to further outreach to Deaf community members who may have relatives with I/DD.